About Me

I specialise in 1) Puppies, how to raise them correctly and how to avoid common problems,

2) Reactive dogs, those that show aggressive behaviour towards other dogs and

3) Confidence building in dogs that are a little worried about the world.

Hi, I’m Julie and I LOVE helping advise and coach dog guardians. Animals are a huge part of my life and I couldn’t be without them. I spent my earlier employment days in the equine industry as a Veterinary Nurse, then as a Yard Manager of an Agricultural College. It was during this time that Talia entered my life, I was looking for a dog in the local rescue centres. My criteria was an older dog that needed a loving home, that would curl up in the staff kitchen when I was nursing, that would be happy in the car when I was doing mobile X-rays, was friendly and confident and wasn’t a German Shepherd.

I saw Talia and fell completely in love with her. She was 18 months old, would bark at anyone entering the staff kitchen, didn’t particularly like the car, didn’t seem friendly or very confident AND she was a German Shepherd! I started looking for training classes, but was given advice that used punishment and corrections. This didn’t seem right, using these methods when she’d just started to trust me seemed ridiculous, counter productive and unkind. Several ‘Trainers’ later, I gave up looking and started self studying to see how I could best help her.

I learned to read her body language, what was happening in her brain when she was barking and looking aggressive and how to modify her behaviour through proven, ethical, scientific methods. These are the methods I use today. Talia blossomed into the dog she was always meant to be. No longer barked uncontrollably, settled in the car beautifully, grew in confidence, trusted me implicitly, had amazing manners and always happy with life. I owe her everything and I miss her every day. Sashi came next, another troubled German Shepherd soul. Then came Dipstick, an unwanted puppy who I was determined would be brought up ‘properly’ so she wouldn’t have the issues that the Shepherd girls had. Bear came next, he was hand reared by a local rescue where I was lucky enough to get involved. He and his littermates were brought up using the latest puppy raising methods which helped in this critical period greatly, even though he is a sensitive soul.

I wanted to gain qualifications, on top of my years of experience, to show prospective clients that I am a trustworthy professional and that they were going to get the very best coaching and advice. I’m qualified and accredited with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT 01422) and the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT). I’m also a registered member of the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC) and an owner member of the Pet Professional Guild (PPG). I have an OCN level 3 accredited qualification in the Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour, a diploma in Dog Training with the Open College and accredited certificates in Behaviour, Canine Health and Rescue Dogs.

To date, I’ve attended many courses, seminars and workshops presented by world-wide experts in their fields of training and behaviour. I continue to further and expand my knowledge by attending these and is also part of the criteria for membership with the recognised above bodies.

What People Are Saying About South Wales Dog Training Academy

I can’t recommend Julie enough! We took our puppy, Mya, to classes and they were so helpful. Julie is so knowledgable and her techniques work wonders on our puppy. We can’t wait to take her to the next course. Taylor.

We have been taking our little Dexter to puppy classes and can’t recommend Julie enough for the hard work she puts into her classes and for helping us improve our puppy’s confidence. Julie is very patient, knowledgable and such an incredible trainer. Tia