I specialise in 1) Puppies, how to raise them correctly
and avoid common problems,
2) Reactive dogs, those that show aggressive behaviours
towards other dogs and
3) Building confidence in dogs that are a little anxious
in their world.

Services are designed with you and your dog in mind. There are a variety of services, so have a look to see which option suits you best. If you have any questions or if you are undecided on the options, then please get in touch.

Training isn’t a chore, but a fun enjoyable activity that is easily integrated into daily life with great results.

You and your dog are set up to succeed, no matter what the problem is. You won’t believe the transformation that will occur with your relationship with your dog when you have all the knowledge you’ll need and how to implement it.

The techniques and methods used are based on repetition, consistency and rewards.

Time, fun, dedication and kindness gets the best results!