South Wales Dog Training Academy

Fun, modern, reward based, ethical dog training that's family friendly.
My qualifications, education and experience provide me with the skills for me to effectively and humanely coach pet parents to train their best friend, their dog.
Training and learning has never been so much fun!

Welcome to South Wales Dog Training Academy

If you’re here, then you’ve already decided to look for help to improve your training skills and relationship with your dog.

Are you looking for the best possible start with your puppy or new rescue dog?

Is your young dog being a teenage tearaway and you need to get them back on track?

Has your dog started to show a problematic behaviour that really needs addressing now?

If you need a proven approach to understanding and training a new behaviour or modifying an old one, then you’re in the right place!


About South Wales Dog Training Academy

South Wales Dog Training Academy is all about positive, fear free, reward based training which is effective, fun and builds great relationships between dogs and their families.
We offer Classes, Private Sessions, On-Line Courses, a Home Study Course and Behaviour Consultations.
There are different packages available to suit individual needs.

Why Choose South Wales Dog Training Academy

As a qualified, professional, experienced Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant it means that all training is regulated and must be humane for your dog.  Use of harsh equipment and methods are never used so you know your dog is in safe hands.

You can be certain that all will be done to guarantee your bond and relationship with your dog grows and remains as strong as possible to ensure the best results.

It is my mission to help create confident dogs that love to learn, to empower their guardians to understand and teach their dogs and realise that training is something you do WITH your dog, not to your dog.

  • Fear free, kind, ethical methods used.

  • Qualified and experienced Trainer.

  • Great teaching and communication skills.

  • Strict code of practice and ethics.

  • Fun games and rewards are used.

  • Small classes for individual attention.

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